Musique Baroque : Orchestre Les PASSIONS

Musique baroque à Montauban avec l'orchestre Les Passions

Repertory classified by genre

Instrumental music for orchestra

Albinoni Concertos for oboe and strings
J.S. Bach  Overtures, concertos for keyboard(s), for violin(s), brandebourgeois concertos
Beck Overture of Comte de Comminges, symphonies
Boccherini Concerto for cello
Chevalier de St-Georges Concerto for violin in Ut major, concertante symphonies and symphonies
Corelli Concertos grossos, la Follia (transcription for recoder and strings)
Durante Concertos for strings orchestra 
Exaudet Concerto for violin
Geminiani The Enchanted Forest
Haendel Concertos grossos, concertos for organ, Water Music
Haydn Concerto for trumpet and orchestra in Eb major
Huillet Thierry Contemporary creation : Folies !  (order of Les Passions) 
Leclair Concerto for traverse flute in C major
Locatelli Concerto for 4 violins, op.1 n°4
Manfredini Concertos grossos
Marcello Concerto for oboe in D minor
Mozart Concertos for pianoforte, concertante symphony for violin and viola, concerto for basset hornPetite Musique de Nuitdivertimenti
Pergolèse Concerto for 4 violins viola & bass
Purcell Suites for strings, extracts from The Fairy Queen, Oedipus, The Married Beau, Britannicus, Sir Anthony love, The Maid’s last prayer, King Arthur, Abdelazer, The double dealer, Amphytrion.
Rameau Suit of Indes Galantes
Richter Concerto for traverser flute in E minor
Sammartini Concertos for cellos , for harpsichord and recorder
Scarlatti Concerto in La minor for recorder and 2 violins,  recorder and 2 violins, sinfonia seconda for 4
Tartini Concerto for violin in E minor
Telemann Double concerto for recorder and traverser flute, concertos and suite in A minor for recorder, Tafelmusik
Valentini Concerto for 4 violins
Viotti Concerto for violin n°22 in A minor
Vivaldi The Four seasons, concertos (recorder/violin/cello/bassoon), la Follia (sonata for 2 violins)

Chamber music

J.S. Bach Suits for cello, sonatas for traverse flute and recorder
Boismortier Concerto in D minor for flute, violin, oboe and bassoon
Buxtehude Sonatas for 3 violins
Caldara Sonata nona
Camerloher Sonata
Corelli Sonata for recorder la Follia
Couperin Royal Concerts 
Janitsch Sonatas
Marais Suits for 2 dessus and basso continuo
Platti Trio for oboe, bassoon and basso continuo
Porpora Sinfonia da camera
Scarlatti Sonatas for harpsichord
Telemann Sonatas for recorder, cello, and numerous instrumental suits 

Sacred music

J-S. Bach The St Matthew Passion, The St Jonh Passion , Magnificat, Cantates, Short Masses, Christmas Oratorio
Blow Ode to  St-Cecilia
Buxtehude Magnificat, Cantates
Campra Requiem, De Profundis, Deus noster refugium
Carrasquedo Masses
Charpentier Magnificat, Te Deum, Death mass, Assumpta est Maria Mass, Midnight Mass, Mass for 4 voices, Jesuits MiserereThe Denial of Saint Peter, Motets for 3 men voices
Delalande Miserere op. 44
Dumont  Motets : Magnificat, Nisi dominus, O Dulcissima
Levens Cantates
Fiocco Missa solemnis
Gilles Requiem, Lamentations, Te Deum, Mass in Ré, Great motets : Diligam te Domine, Cantate Jordanis Incolae
Haendel Dixit Dominus, The Messiah, Te Deum, Judas Maccabeus, Let God arise, Chandos Anthems, Anthem The way of Zion
Haydn Harmony Mass, Salve Regina
M. Haydn Requiem
Mondonville Great Motets
Monteverdi Vespro della Beata Vergine
Mozart RequiemTe Deum, Laudate dominum, Exultate jubilate, Coronation Mass, Ave verum
Pergolèse Stabat MaterSalve Regina
Porpora Venetians Motets
Purcell Ode to St. Cecilia 
Rameau Great Motets : Quam Dilecta, In convertendo, Deus noster refugium
Scarlatti Dixit DominusStabat Mater, Salve Regina, Cantates
Vivaldi GloriaMagnificat, motets and psalms

Vocal and secular music 

Anonyme French cantates from background music of Toulouse and Ducs d’Aiguillon, l'Amour et Bacchus
Boismortier Don Quichotte chez la duchesse
Gluck The Drunkard Reformed
Haendel Xerses
Haydn The seasons
Mehul Stratonice
Mondonville Daphnis et Alcimadure
Monteverdi L’OrfeoFleurs, flèches et flammes (performance)
Mozart Bastien and Bastienne, The marriage of Figaro
Purcell Didon and AeneasKing Arthur
Occitan Baroque Christmas