Musique Baroque : Orchestre Les PASSIONS

Musique baroque à Montauban avec l'orchestre Les Passions

Educational and cultural actions

One of the essential missions of Les Passions is to convince the public that the early music is always address to them. In order to, Jean-Marc Andrieu gives a priority to a verbal and pedagogical contact with the public and is significantly involved with young audiences and amateur choirs.

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Young audiences Amateur Choir
Concert scolaire Cathédrale St-Etienne de Toulouse (c) P. Nin
Bring music in prison environment  Solidarity by playing music
Maison d'Arrêt de Montauban Ligue contre le cancer


How is the recorder sound produce? 

Extrait du manuel de physique-chimie Terminale S

Jean-Marc Andrieu illustrates the recorder working in the chemicals physics textbook (Nathan editions).
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